Air Brake Anti-Freeze – 1 Qt.

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Champion – Air Brake Antifreeze

  • Volume (Qt): 1 Quart

Detailed Description

Champion Air Brake Anti-Freeze is a dual purpose product, protecting air lines from freeze-up and preventing rust and corrosion in air lines. Recommended for use in air brake lines to absorb moisture in the system. It protects and keeps air brake systems clean.

Manufacturer Information

An industry leader in the Mid-West for more than 50 years, Champion Brands builds products that are second to none in quality to save customers money through reduced maintenance and extended service hours. Champion Brands offers premium products for automotive, agricultural, fleet and motorsports.

The most recognized name in spark plugs for the past 100 years offers a line of products to maximize the cleanliness, efficiency and power of you fuel system. The science behind Champion’s Performance Additives and Champion Chain Lube exceeds industry standards and works wear other products fail.