R197 Ecopia™
Fuel-Efficient All-Position Trailer Radial
The R197 Ecopia is designed for applications in both long-haul and regional service. This ultra-fuel-efficient tire is a smart choice for a more sustainable future.

Available Sizes:

  • 255/70R22.5 G | 14 PLY (000323)
  • 295/75R22.5 G | 14 PLY (238804)
  • 285/75R24.5 G | 14 PLY (238838)
  • 11R22.5 G | 14 PLY (238855)
  • 11R24.5 G | 14 PLY (238872)
  • 445/50R22.5 L | 20 PLY (000335)

Wheel/Rim Sold Separately

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Fuel-Efficient All-Position Trailer Radial
Exceptional Rolling Resistance, Excellent Fuel Savings


Suitable for all axle positions, the R197 Ecopia™ is designed for applications in both long-haul and regional service. This ultra-fuel efficient tire is a smart choice for a more sustainable future. An achievement in low rolling resistance design, the R197 delivers exceptional fuel economy. Ideal for fleets looking to maximize fuel dollars, and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • An achievement in eco‑friendly performance, Ecopia is Bridgestone’s most fuel-efficient truck tire.
SmartWay® Verified and CARB Compliant
  • The SmartWay Technology program and CARB guidelines determine regulations for tractor and trailer tires that improve the overall fuel efficiency, aerodynamics and performance of your vehicles.
B197 FuelTech™ Companion Retread
  • Designed specifically for our Ecopia casings, FuelTech Retreads use state-of-the-art technologies for the ultimate in fuel savings and eco-performance.

R283A Ecopia™ Improvements & Innovations

Tread Improvements & Innovations

  • Fuel-Efficient Tread Design
    • Promotes low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy.
  • Cross-Rib Sipes
    • Improve traction by slicing through water for a solid grip on wet roads.
  • Stress-Relief Rib Sipes
    • Fight irregular wear along main ribs by absorbing rib edge stresses in the footprint for long, even wear.
  • Optimized Tread Volume

    • Provides exceptional removal mileage through wide ribs that put more rubber in contact with the road.
  • Defense Groove™ Structure
    • Helps create uniform pressure at the shoulder to minimize edge wear for longer tread life.

Tire Improvements & Innovations

  • NanoPro-Tech™ Compound
    • Patented NanoPro-Tech polymer technology limits energy loss for improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Saver Sidewall
    • Limits energy loss using a proprietary sidewall compound to help conserve fuel, both when new and retreaded.
  • IntelliShape™ Sidewall Design
    • Contains less bead filler volume, reducing tire weight and minimizing rolling resistance for enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Tough Sidewall Protection
    • Thick ribs on both sidewalls fight curbing damage to protect the casing.
  • Shallow Tread Depth
    • Fights tread squirm for lower rolling resistance. The 11/32″ tread depth also combats irregular wear for long life.


*Based on rolling resistance and field mileage tests, Bridgestone Ecopia and Bandag FuelTech are our most fuel-efficient and lowest total cost of ownership tire and retread solution. Combining proprietary low rolling resistance technology with the industry’s most retreadable casing, Ecopia and FuelTech can help reduce fuel use and extend tire life for lower costs and greener returns, when compared to other Bridgestone tires.

Warranty and additional technical information is available at, or from your dealer or truck stop.

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