The HD 500 Series guards are constructed of our standard 8 gauge steel and use a single-hand release latch. These guards are offered in our traditional, durable coating. The HD 500 Series combines the proven strength of our bestselling XG 100 series with the ease of use of our LT 300 series. Price is for guard only, bracket sold separately.

Ex-Guard Grille Guards work in conjunction with all major Collision Mitigation Systems, including Bendix Wingman Fusion, Meritor Wabco, and Detroit Assurance.



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Ex-Guard®, is an American made product. A small team of friends, experienced in the front-end protection industry, envisioned a guard that would revolutionize the market. A guard made of more than just steel, one that could epitomize strength and redefine protection. This idea would then develop our 1/8” Corrosion Resistant Ex-Guard® patented PVC coating. A bonded layer would add durability that both complemented and protected the steel. Finally, a proprietary hinge mechanism which allows single or dual hand accessibility options.

The time, energy, and technology built into the Ex-Guard design would create a product with high-impact resistance, economical maintenance, and most importantly, protection for the driver.


From this prototype design to a successful international company, Ex-Guard® Industries established a manufacturing facility in Des Moines, IA and introduced a line of guards to the North American trucking industry. A small dream that would move on to protect drivers, their trucks, and their lives. Our first and foremost objective is offering the right amount of coverage to keep drivers safe and trucks secure while on the road. Ex-Guard’s have the ability to sustain multiple wildlife collisions with little to no damage to the truck. For fleets, having a well-designed guard can help mitigate downtime expenses, loss of business opportunities, and overall truck repair expenses.


What have you been replacing? Headlights? Bumpers? What is your average annual downtime expense? Have you lost an opportunity from a truck in the shop? Ex-Guard® looks to provide a solution and not just a product. Our guard designs offer different levels of durability and coverage for customer-specific variables. From the Owner-Operator looking for peace of mind to the Maintenance Manager whose trucks battle dense, deer-populated routes, Ex-Guard will tailor fit a solution to your needs.


To schedule a consultation, email sales@escincy.com or call 513-217-1539. For many customers, Ex-Guard is a product that pays for itself within the first 6-12 months.

Remember, it takes just one impact to make a difference with downtime. The strength, the ease-of-use, the durability, and the protection an Ex-Guard offers makes it more than just a grille guard. It’s a solution.

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HD-T595, HD-595, HD-525, HD-T575, HD-T525


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