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RETRAC heavy-duty grille guards offer front-end protection and a professional style unlike any other. Each grille guard — including the Tuff Guard®, Tuff Guard II™ and ProTec™ –installs with vehicle-specific mounting brackets.
This allows pre-existing holes in the truck’s frame to be used for the installation, eliminating the need for drilling and speeding up the mounting process. RETRAC grille guard brackets also require no front-end modification for installation.

Two latch styles
RETRAC heavy-duty grille guard mounting brackets are available in two styles — standard and MagLatch™. Both feature a pivoting mechanism to allow the grille guard to be folded down and away from the front of the truck, providing convenient access to the grille and engine compartment.
The MagLatch™ system, however, is particularly unique. It features rare-earth magnets that uses to securely hold the grille guard in the upright position and allow it to be tilted down easily whenever desired. The latches also feature safety retention pins to add even more security to the magnetic latches.
The MagLatch™ system is compatible with all RETRAC grille guards. However, the MagLatch™ safety pin #206940 must be used with ProTec™ models.

Durable, dependable construction

Both our standard and MagLatch™ grille guard brackets are made with high-strength steel construction for maximum front-end protection and rigidity for the grille guard. They also come with a zinc-plated finish that helps protect the brackets against rust and promotes long-lasting dependability.

Vehicle Lookup Required

Because each set of mounting brackets is made vehicle-specific, choosing the right set requires the appropriate vehicle information. Please see our grille guard application information to find the right grille guard and bracket set for your specific truck.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Part Number

206680, 206780, 205495, 205880, 206720, 206840, 205870, 205520, 205860, 206870, 205840, 206695, 206760, 205560, 205580, 205900, 205695, 205740, 205720, 205760, 205620, 205600, 205780, 205920, 206880, 205680, 205660, 206620, 205696, 205820, 205930, 205910, 206640, 206540, 206580, 206940, 205960, 206960, 205940, 206490, 206140, 206100, 206160, 206180, 390102, 206200, 206980, 206120, 206990


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