Low Profile Sliding Web Winch, E-Coat


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Low Profile 1020LP

These sliding winches and track combinations provide an efficient and flexible securement system. The winch moves easily in both directions, but locks firmly in place when tension is applied.
U.S. Patent Number 5,853,164

Specifications: A: 7.71″ B: 4.88″ C: 5.24″ D: 3.94″

Working Load Limit: 5,500 lbs./2500 kgs.

Weight: 8.4 lbs., 3.8 kgs.


WARNING: When tightening or loosening winches, always maintain a firm grip on the winch bar. Never release a winch bar without checking the pawl to ensure that it is fully engaged between ratchet teeth. Releasing a winch bar without the pawl being properly engaged can cause serious injury to the user or bystanders. The use of a slip resistant handle winch bar, specifically designed to tighten or loosen winches, is recommended. “Cheater Bars” (“extenders”) shall not be used with the winch bars. User shall stand clear of the winch bar handle during operation of the winch bar in case the winch bar slips. The tip of the winch bar shall be inserted through both holes in the end cap to prevent the winch bar from “slipping out” and overloading the tip and/or end cap. Winches shall not be loaded in excess of their working load limit. Winches shall not be used as pulling or lifting devices. A minimum of 12” of webbing shall be inserted through the slot, and a minimum of two (2) wraps shall be on the winch mandrel.

CAUTION: Excessive wraps of webbing on the mandrel will reduce the working load limit of the winch.