Rotella ELC 1 gal – Red


Shell Rotella ELC 50/50 Antifreeze – 1 Gallon

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-Diluted Formula.
  • Extended Life Coolant / Antifreeze Is Fill For Life Carboxylate Based Coolant For Heavy Duty Diesel, Gasoline & Natural Gas Powered Engines.
  • Contains Ethylene Glycol & Nitrite & Molybdate As Secondary Inhibitors.
  • Improves Water Pump Seal Life Due To Low Dissolved Solid Levels.
  • Excellent Pitting Protection For Wet Sleeve Cylinder Liners. Long-Term Corrosion Protection Of All Cooling System Metals Including Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Steel, Solder & Copper.
  • Excellent Heat Transfer, Reduced Hard Water Scale.
  • Reduced Overall Coolant & Cooling Component Maintenance.
  • Product Contains No Traditional SCA Additions & Contains No Silicate, Borate, Nitrate Or Phosphate.
  • Coolant Meets All The Requirements Of CAT EC-1, TMC RP 329 & RP 338.

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