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Sleeper Cab Style VEC-14

  • 14″ Vaulted Enclosure w/ 3-Door Compartments LCR left and right, 2 Center Shelves
  • Available in all-diamond, smooth-diamond, or all-smooth
  • Model Number: VEC-14
  • Installation available by appointment (513) 217-1539
  • Mounting U-Bolts Sold Separately (UB623520)


Sleeper Cabs

Cab Racks are engineered from high strength premium aluminum alloy. Function*, durability and visual appeal are insured by our quality control as well as our “Treadbrite” finish along with custom color detailing. (Over 25 detailing colors are available.)

Cab racks provide excellent storage options for your trucking and drop hitch operations. Our cab racks can be used to store 5/16″ chains, 3/8″ chains, chain binders, portable cargo straps, rubber straps, lumber tarps, steel tarps, v boards, 4′ dunnage boards, 8′ dunnage boards, corner protections, cheater bars, coil racks, shovels, brooms, spare tires, and ladders. Don’t see what you need — give us a call for other options!

WARNING – Cab racks offer minimum resistance to an impacting (dynamic or load in motion) load resulting from a wreck or moving payload shifting.

*Function: by their very nature Cab Racks cannot meet the requirements of CFR 393.114.a. All load securement should be per CFR 393.100 to 393.132.


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