OEM Replacement for Hendrickson Hub Cap VS-32056-3

Fits Fontaine Trailer wheel ends equipped with the TireMaax Pro Inflation System and many other makes and models that are equipped with the Hendrickson RTR (Ready to Roll) Trailer Suspension and Axle System

Hendrickson Part #VS-32056-3
PartSource Part #SVS-32056-3

Fitment & Specifications:

  • Tires – Super single or dual
  • Lube Type – Semi-fluid Grease
  • Tire Inflation System – TireMaax Pro
  • Spindle – HP


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When people are counting on you to deliver them or their cargo safely, you need to be able to count on your vehicle. Hendrickson has spent more than a century making the high-quality suspension parts that heavy-duty trucks and trailers need to ride smoothly in any situation. Based just outside Chicago with state-of-the-art facilities around the world, this trucking leader knows that big rigs will overpower ordinary components. They developed the first tandem truck suspension in 1926 that improved traction and reduced the shock from bumps. To this day, they continue to create new ways for 18 wheelers, fire trucks, buses, tractors and other large commercial vehicles to drive like it’s an easy Sunday.

Hendrickson makes truck suspension parts for every corner, and Equipment Supply of Cincinnati has them all available in store and online. They produce both OEM and aftermarket springs for many major commercial vehicle models. If your ride has an air suspension, they have air springs for it, too. Ease the pounding of hard impacts even further with Hendrickson shock absorbers, saddle assemblies and shackles. The company has a number of front axle parts so the wheels will keep turning and steering properly even when they’re going over rough potholes. Order truck torque arms, torque rods and bushing to get power to the wheels and maintain their alignment.

In recent decades, Hendrickson has found other ways of helping truckers ride on. They have an expanding line of hydraulic brake parts such as bearings, seals, camshafts and tube kits. And those who are hauling a trailer can now get parts from them as well! Hendrickson trailer parts include Z-beam assemblies, pivot bushing kits, body rail kits and replacement hoses for their Tiremaax tire inflation system.


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