Triangle Flair Kit


Make sure your vehicle meets FMVSS 125: FMVSS 125 establishes shape, size and performance requirements for non-powered day and night warning devices that can be erected on or near the roadway to warn approaching traffic of the presence of a stopped vehicle. The purpose of this Standard is to reduce deaths and injuries due to rear-end collisions between moving traffic and disabled vehicles.

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Emergency Flair Kit

  • Each kit contains three HD triangles packaged in a red storage box
  • Durable fluorescent orange plastic with red reflectors are visible day or night
  • Snaps together for fast and easy set up
  • Heavy weighted sand filled base keeps triangle in place on highway
  • Meets all applicable FMVS 12 and SAE/DOT specifications
  • Instructions for proper use molded in the cover and on all triangles

Required Application: buses and trucks with GVWR greater than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs.)

Made in the USA