R283A Ecopia™
Fuel-Efficient Long-Haul Steer Tire
Premium Performance for Long-Haul and Regional Service

Available Sizes:

  • 295/75R22.5 G | 14 PLY (004100)
  • 295/75R22.5 H | 16PR (004101)
  • 285/75R24.5 G | 14 PLY (004102)
  • 285/75R24.5 H | 16 PLY (004103)
  • 11R22.5 G | 14 PLY (004104)
  • 11R22.5 H | 16 PLY (004105)
  • 11R24.5 G | 14 PLY (004106)
  • 11R24.5 H | 16 PLY (004107)

Wheel/Rim Sold Separately

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Fuel-Efficient Long-Haul Steer Tire
Premium Performance for Long-Haul and Regional Service


The R283A Ecopia™ is a steer tire that gives you the best of both worlds: long wear life and the fuel efficiency benefits R283A Ecopia™ tires are known for. Thanks to innovative technology the R283A Ecopia™ delivers significant wear life improvement while also improving rolling resistance, compared to the previous generation.

  • An achievement in eco‑friendly performance, Ecopia is Bridgestone’s most fuel-efficient truck tire.
SmartWay® Verified and CARB Compliant
  • The SmartWay Technology program and CARB guidelines determine regulations for tractor and trailer tires that improve the overall fuel efficiency, aerodynamics and performance of your vehicles.

R283A Ecopia™ Improvements & Innovations

Tread Improvements & Innovations

  • Four-Rib Design
    • Enhances tread stiffness for improved fuel economy
  • Optimized Tread Depth and Width
    • Maximizes tread volume for long original life and lower treadwear cost per mile
  • Defense Side Groove™
    • Minimizes shoulder edge wear for long original life
  • Equalizer Rib™

    • Absorbs irregular wear, promoting uniform rib wear and higher removal mileage
  • Stress Relief Sipes
    • Fight irregular wear on main ribs by absorbing rib edge stresses in the footprint for long, even wear

Tire Improvements & Innovations

  • NanoPro-Tech™ Polymer Technology
    • Patented NanoPro-Tech™polymer limits energy loss for
      improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel efficiency
  • Fuel Saver Sidewall
    • Reduces heat generation and energy loss
  • IntelliShape™ Sidewall Design
    • Contains less bead filler volume, reducing tire weight and minimizing rolling resistance for enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Innovative Tread Compound
    • Together with NanoPro-Tech, this proprietary compound contributes to longer wear life
  • Proprietary Shoulder Design
    • Optimizes the footprint for long, even wear
  • Lower Cap/Base Junction
    • Designed to reduce the occurrence of irregular wear through delayed exposure to the base compound


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