An all-position radial tire recommended for steer applications in regional haul service and pickup and delivery service.

Available Sizes:

  • 10R22.5 F | 12 PLY (248579)
  • 10R22.5 G | 14 PLY (248596)
  • 11R22.5 G | 14 PLY (248307)
  • 11R22.5 H | 16 PLY (248324)
  • 11R24.5 G | 14 PLY (248358)
  • 11R24.5 H | 16 PLY (248375)
  • 12R22.5 H | 16 PLY (248494)
  • 215/75R17.5 H | 16 PLY (248511)
  • 225/70R19.5 F | 12 PLY (248409)
  • 225/70R19.5 G | 14 PLY (248426)
  • 245/70R19.5 F | 12 PLY (248443)
  • 245/70R19.5 G | 14 PLY (248477)
  • 275/70R22.5 J | 18 PLY (248545)
  • 285/75R24.5 G | 14 PLY (248290)
  • 295/75R22.5 G | 14 PLY (248273)


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  • Tread cap compound and solid shoulder ribs enhance resistance to maneuvering scrub, leading to increased tread life
  • Stone rejectors in center grooves help provide resistance to stone drilling and protect belts for enhanced casing durability
  • Stress relief sipes fight irregular wear by absorbing rib edge stresses in the footprint for long, even wear
  • Sidewall protector ribs help protect the casing from cuts, snags and abrasions due to curbing and impacts
  • Innovative sidewall design reduces overall weight to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing durability
  • *10% better removal mileage than Yokohama 103ZR


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Less Than Truckload


†The Firestone FS561 is the most dependable, longest wearing regional haul steer tire in its class/segment. Fleet evaluation in regional haul applications with multiple users demonstrated the majority of tested FS561 tires had at least 10% better removal mileage than the average YO 103ZR tire. Actual results will vary depending on several factors such as tire size, operating conditions, maintenance, road conditions and driving style.


Firestone tires and tubes are subject to an ongoing development program. Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC retains the right to amend specifications at any time without notice or obligations. Please refer to rim manufacturer’s load and inflation limits. Never exceed rim manufacturer’s limits without the consent of the component manufacturer.

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