ESC Lumber Tarp – 8′ Drop – 14oz – BLACK

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ESC brand tarps vary in size, use and weight to adhere to the various tarp applications called for in the flatbed industry.
All ESC brand tarps are made with high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure they will hold up to the rigorous treatment flatbed loads bestow.

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LT14BL – 8’ Lumber Tarp 24’ x 27’ with End Flap

The ESC 8’ drop lumber tarp is made with the driver in mind.
We use 14oz. PVC vinyl on the top and 10oz.  PVC vinyl on the sides making the tarp easier to handle yet still durable, compared to traditional 8’ drop  lumber tarps.

Approximately – 35kg. / 77 lbs.

The common Lumber Tarp is 24’ wide and 27’ long.  Lumber Tarps are mainly used for covering 8’ tall legal loads of lumber, but can also be used to cover similar types of loads. Since Lumber Tarps are 24’ wide, they will have an 8’ drop when used on an 8’ wide load. All ESC Brand Lumber Tarps have welded seams and double lock-stitched hems. ESC Brand Lumber Tarps come standard with brass grommets every 24” around the edge of the tarp, three rows of d-rings above the hem on each long side, creating a total of four tie down rows. The d-rings are sewn under continuous rows of 2” webbing. Behind each d-ring is a fabric abrasion strip made of the same material for durability and protection at the main point of abrasion. ESC Brand Lumber Tarps come standard with an 8’ x 8’ end flap, which has three rows of abrasion strip backed d-rings, brass grommets every 24” across the edge and lock-stitched hems.