3 piece Lumber Tarp – 18oz – 6′ Drop – Black


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LT3PCBK – HD 3pc. Lumber Tarp – 6’ Drop

ESC offers a 6’ drop 3 piece lumber tarp for those drivers who have no use for an 8’ drop tarp. The 3 piece lumber tarp with 6’ drop weighs much less than the 8’ drop making it easier to handle. The center piece has 4 way “d” rings which allow it to be used as a steel tarp. The 6’ drop 3 piece lumber tarp only comes in 18oz. Vinyl and is black in color.

  • 20’x18’ w/ 6’x8’ end flap – 26 kg / 57.2 lbs (2 End Pieces)
  • 20’ x18’ – 23 kg / 50.6 lbs (Middle Piece)

At Equipment Supply of Cincinnati we aim to provide products that will benefit and aid truck drivers. Therefore, we offer a 3 piece lumber tarp that will cover up to 53’ of a flatbed. The 3 piece lumber tarp is convenient for full loads or partial loads, as the 3 pieces can be used individually. The middle part of the 3 piece lumber tarp has 4-way “d” rings so it can be used as a steel tarp individually. The 3 piece tarp offers drivers and fleets cost savings versus buying three separate tarps. We offer our ESC Brand 3 piece lumber tarp in both 18oz. vinyl and 14oz. vinyl.

Saving Time, Saving Money, That is what we are all about at Equipment Supply of Cincinnati.