The 1st AYD #23 Penetrating Lube w/ PTFE does not dry or evaporate. It has a wide temperature range of -65F to +475F and quickly penetrates to loosen parts that are frozen from rust, wear, or grime buildup. The PTFE also relubricates parts thereby reducing friction and increasing the wear-life of these parts.

The #23 is long lasting, water resistant, doesn’t attract dirt, does not evaporate and it contains NO silicone. The #23 will keep on working long after petroleum lubricants have failed and is very cost effective, will last longer, and reduces frequency of costly break-downs caused by worn or dirty parts.

APPLICATIONS: Excellent long term lubricant for any moving parts, office equipment, electric motors, pneumatic tools, conveyors, motors, chains, locks, cables and hinges. Leaves a protective film on parts to retard corrosion. Ends broken drill bits. Excellent tapping aid. Prevents tool seizure and galling.

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Equipment Supply of Cincinnati is an exclusive 1st AYD Distributor


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